Parham’s Welding & Fabrication, offers a full-range of machine shop, welding, fabrication, metal repairs, and manufacturing production services for all types of customers in Smithfield, neighboring communities and throughout southern Virginia and nearby states. Parham’s is proud to serve a full range of clients in the Smithfield area. 

Many know the town of Smithfield for being the home of the country ham whose cure and aging process has not changed since the early colonial days. Even though their country hams are famous for a reason, there are other factors that make  Smithfield a great place to visit and live. Smithfield offers its residents a small-town atmosphere with a great schooling system, affordable housing options, and a historic downtown that includes a state-of-the-art community/conference center – The Smithfield Center. The town is focused on conserving its genuine charm, history, and characters by functioning at a slower pace and celebrating the simple things. 

Some attractions that draw in visitors to Smithfield and have many stay are the impressive restaurants, the historic architecture, vibrant art and cultural scenes, stunning landscapes, and everyone’s great southern hospitality. 

Smithfield is an all around terrific place that has provided Parham’s Welding and Fabrication a great platform for building relationships and expanding the business. Parham’s Welding and Fabrication is pleased to offer this area its services which include machine shop, building fabrication, welding, metal repair, production, and emergency services. Most of our clients consist of, but are not limited to, manufacturers, construction/contractors, government agencies, food processing, plants and mills, transportation, and landfills. 

If you are interested in Parham’s Welding and Fabrication’s services, please fill out our online form or call 804-834-3504.