It’s fair to say that even in our modern age, product creation, manufacturing and distribution are the lifeblood of our economy and central to our society’s quality of life.  Effectively operating plants and mills literally have thousands of “moving parts” of all types.  At Parham’s Welding & Fabrication, we are happy to play our role in helping to keep things moving at peak efficiency for manufacturers in Virginia and neighboring states.

P1030353Parham’s has several years’ experience in working with manufacturing plants and mills of all types and sizes.  We are well equipped to provide a full range of metal works services from emergency repairs and parts replacements all the way to assembly line creation & testing, building fabrication and infrastructure welding support in areas such as pipe lines and equipment maintenance.

With several decades of welding, machining and fabrication services on our staff, Parham’s welcomes the opportunity to be of service.  We’re certified, licensed and insured in every key facet of our work.  Our 10,000 square foot welding & fabrication business shop is well-stocked with metal products and state-of-technology equipment.  Our 15 mobile crews are accessible and available for off hours, overnights, weekends and emergency services.


We invite you to contact Parham’s today to discuss your specific metal works needs.  We’re happy to share testimonials and success stories, and to provide you with a competitive bid proposal to earn your business.  Please fill out our online Contact Form to the right, email us at or call us at 804-834-3504 to begin our conversation.