Southern Virginia's Welding & Fabrication Experts

Parham’s Welding & Fabrication, offers a full-range of machine shop, welding, fabrication, metal repairs, and manufacturing production services for all types of customers in southern Virginia and neighboring states.

With over two decades of experience, a 10,000 square foot welding and fabrication machine shop and an experienced staff of welders, machinists, repair specialists and assemblers, Parham’s can handle any type of metal work assignment in Hampton Roads, Richmond – Petersburg, throughout southern Virginia and beyond. Our 15 mobile units are staffed by certified, licensed and insured professionals. We can take on a sub-contracting role on massive multi-million dollar projects, or manage jobs from start-to-finish.

Meet Parham's

Our Services

We provide a full range of metal work services, including welding, fabrication, production, machining and repairs.  Our team of experienced, certified and insured welders, machinists and assembly workers can handle every type of commercial, industrial and residential metal-related project.

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Our Company

We’re family owned and operated, “built from scratch,” and proud to say that many members of our team have been working at Parham’s for a long time. Teamwork is more than just a word here. We enjoy working together and getting the job done. Our entire organization feels like one big family!

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Our Clients

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers over the years. From large manufacturers, government agencies and leading contractors, to the occasional local resident walking into the shop for a quick & easy repair, we really have lived up to our internal slogan, that No job is too big or too small!

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How Can Parham's Serve You?

Large or small, we’re ready to get to work for you! Please contact Parham’s today. Let’s discuss the ways our welding, fabrication and machining services can be of value to you.  Please feel free to ask for a free estimate on your next project. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive bid and to earn your business.

What We Do

Machine Shop

Our 10,000 square foot machine shop has the full range of manufacturing, fabrication, welding and repair equipment, and raw materials to meet the needs of every client … from creating parts and finished products with computer-aided design (CAD) technology for remote installation, to basic spot welds, ornamental ironwork and repairs for walk-in customers. We’re licensed, certified and insured for every project.

Building Fabrication

Parham’s is fully equipped to handle every facet of the fabrication job … assembly, cutting, bending, machining, erection, forming, structural work, specialized metalworking and even engineering. With experienced designers, machinists & installers, we can build in our fully outfitted 10,000 square foot fabrication and welding shop for on-site assembly, or take on much of the work at the location site.


We specialize in aluminum and stainless steel welding, work with all types & sizes of metal, and use every major welding method and the latest technology innovations. Parham’s clients include leading regional food processors, manufacturers, plants, medical facilities, commercial transportation companies, farming operations and government agencies. We deliver the precise results our customers expect every time.

Metal & Welding Repair

Our team handles every type of commercial, industrial and residential metal-related repair. From in-shop spot welds to on-site highway bridge beam repairs, and every job in between, Parham’s does the job properly, promptly, safely and at a fair rate. With 15 mobile units, Parham’s licensed and insured welding and machining professionals can be on-site anywhere in Virginia, the mid-Atlantic region or throughout southern states within a matter of hours.

Production & Assembly Lines

With several decades of welding & machining experience, Parham’s is the perfect partner for assembly line creations, renovations and repairs. Our state-of-the-art CAD technology and experienced team deliver the precision necessary for manufacturing , production and assembly line work. We can build, assemble and test assembly lines, parts and manufacturing equipment & machinery in our climate-controlled facility, as well as provide on-site assembly, renovations and repairs.

Emergency Services

Parham’s is built to serve our customers … quickly and conveniently. We know how to move fast, to take on major repairs and emergency work in a matter of hours, throughout Southern Virginia and mid-Atlantic and southern states. With 15 mobile units and a full crew of certified, licensed and insured professionals, we’re big enough and fast enough to take on every challenge. We don’t mind working nights, weekends or IMMEDIATELY when necessary.