Parham’s Welding & Fabrication, offers a full-range of machine shop, welding, fabrication, metal repairs, and manufacturing production services for all types of customers in Franklin, neighboring communities and throughout southern Virginia and nearby states. Parham’s is proud to serve a full range of clients in the Franklin area. 

The city of Franklin has always been dedicated to maintaining a small city identity, heritage, and beauty while being a regional hub for economic opportunities, top-class education, a job-ready workforce, and balanced housing options. Being close to the Blackwater River, water transportation has always played a vital role in Franklin’s development. 

Parham’s Welding and Fabrication is pleased to offer this area its services which include machine shop, building fabrication, welding, metal repair, production, and emergency services. Most of our clients consist of, but are not limited to, manufacturers, construction/contractors, government agencies, food processing, plants and mills, transportation, and landfills. 

Parham’s Welding and Fabrication is here to serve you and would love to share how we can help;  please fill out our online form or call 804-834-3504.