Parham’s Welding & Fabrication is proud to serve a full range of clients in the Petersburg area. With over two decades of experience, a 10,000 square foot welding and fabrication machine shop, and an experienced staff of welders, machinists, repair specialists and assemblers, Parham’s can handle any type of metal work assignment in Petersburg, nearby communities and throughout southern Virginia and neighboring states. 

The Petersburg area was destined to become a place of importance in both Virginia and American history. The city is known for its historical significance and offers many attractions today that symbolize the importance of this city. Some of these attractions include the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, Centre Hill Mansion, and Appomattox Riverside Park. Situated along the James River, Petersburg played a significant role in our nation’s early days and continues to be of importance in historic, commercial, and economic spheres. 

Living in Petersburg leads to immersing in history dating back to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and being surrounded by architecture that anyone interested in American history would find appealing. Many travel to Petersburg for their variety of activities which include fishing, boating, hiking, and biking at the Appomattox River Park. 

As Parham’s Welding and Fabrication continues to expand within the regions they serve, Petersburg has always offered many opportunities for Parham’s to be of service. Parham’s Welding and Fabrication enjoys serving clients in Petersburg and throughout Dinwiddie County. We deliver numerous services which include machine shop, building fabrication, welding, metal repair, production, and emergency services. Most of our clients consist of, but are not limited to, manufacturers, construction/contractors, government agencies, food processing, plants and mills, transportation, and landfills. 

If you have questions about Parham’s Welding and Fabrication and ways we can assist you, please fill out our online form or call 804-834-3504.